Areas of Focus

Solution Analysis
By analysing your current backup infrastructure we will determine whether the technology is delivering the most effective solution for your organisation. Using our knowledge of best practice we will consider your business requirements and advise on areas of non-compliance.

Strategy Workshop
This is a high value engagement which delivers a bespoke backup infrastructure strategy for your business. This detailed piece of work covers not only the day to day issues around data growth, but also deals with business continuity, disaster recover and regulatory compliance. With input from all key stakeholders we will detail the technology, business, security and operational standards required to support your organisation's requirements. Download the Strategy workshop service here.

Planning & Design
Using our experience we will convert your business requirements into a system design that will meet current and anticipated future demand.  Our designs follow industry best practice and are ratified by each manufacturer.  This gives you the assurance that the solutions we implement meet recommended configuration guidelines and are fully supported by the vendor.

Working with your backup team and the manufacturer, we will plan, install and configure your solution.  The largest systems are installed by each manufacturer and we will own the project and configuration plan to ensure that your deadlines are met.  After implementation there is a formal handover process during which we will determine that the system meets your specification, performs as required, has appropriate documentation and that team members are properly trained.

We go out of our way to provide support throughout the engagement process.  Each solution we provide is fully supported by ourselves and the relevant manufacturer.  Our customers constantly comment on the responsive nature of our support and willingness to help – even if you’ve yet to buy anything from us!